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Travel agents in Laos are experiencing a slump in bookings in the wake of increased competition for air flights and accommodation from online booking sites. One tour agent in Vientiane who asked not to be… Read more »

Xaysomboun formerly an area that  Times claims was off limits to tourists Laos hopes to open its doors this year. One of the newest provinces in Lao PDR it was formed in 2013 and now… Read more »

In a special ceremony at the World Travel Market’s Global Stage as part of the  annual celebrations, South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance and Campo and Parque dos Sonhos jointly took the coveted position of Overall… Read more »

DONNA (right) with the author at Hanuvong Park fronting the Mekong River which divides Thailand and Laos VIENTIANE, Laos—Three years ago, this capital city looked like a small municipality in the Philippines with few vehicles… Read more »

VIENTIANE: Google yesterday introduced here Google Maps with Street View, an innovation that will change the way Lao people and visitors from around the world view and experience the country and its culture. “The Internet… Read more »

At least 40 hotels, including five international chains, are scheduled to open in Laos over the next five years as the country becomes a more popular tourist destination. Yang Fu Ning, general manager of Don… Read more »

QUANG TRI, June 26 (Bernama) – Vietnam and Laos on Wednesday launched two newly upgraded international border gates linking Vientam’s central province of Quang Tri and southern Salavan province in Lao, Vietnam News Agency (VNA)… Read more »

My host is prowling around the table, the bottle of home-brewed rice whiskey poised in his hand. Mr Jing has that look in his eyes again. He’s prowling around the table, his face lit bright… Read more »

The country is still regarded as a safe place for travel by tour operators. The Foreign Office has warned travelers of a rise in violent bag snatching and muggings in Laos, a country known for its traditional values… Read more »

The captive elephant population in Laos will be extinct in just over a century if current management practices do not change, a University of Queensland study has found. It is estimated that only 480 captive… Read more »

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