Mekong Gardens

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

+855 (0) 23 69 59 635

The ideal living environment for individuals and families alike, with 146 spacious apartments in two towers, and stunning views of the historic Mekong River and Phnom Penh. Refreshing Breeze, Quiet and Peaceful, Convenient Location, Inspirational Views and Natural Environment.

Mekong Gardens is Only a 10 minute drive from Phnom Penh City Center, located in pleasant and relaxing surroundings and the beautiful Kien Khleing Pagoda. There are any local restaurants offering East meets West cuisine, good local facilities including banks, clinics, shopping malls. Our complimentary mini bus service runs throughout the day, with stops at Canadia Tower, in the business district, Sorya Mall and Koh Pich Island which offer several leisure activities such as shopping, a cinema and a golf driving range.

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