Sla Boutique Hostel

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

+855 23 997 515

Sla Boutique Hostel is a modern hostel nestled conveniently in the center of Phnom Penh city that offers travelers a place to unwind and meet people in a community environment that is clean, friendly, and affordable. Although our street is nice and quiet, it’s just one block away from a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, clubs, and street food vendors, and bars. It is also close to the city’s major attractions.

“Sla” is the Khmer word for the “areca catechu” or “areca betal palm.” In Cambodia, sla flowers are often used in wedding ceremonies to signify the bond between husband and wife. When wedding guests throw the flowers on the bride and groom, they are wishing the newlyweds longevity and happiness in matrimony. Here at SLA, we take that tradition a step further and wish to bestow happiness in your travels!

Our team here is excited to show you our Khmer hospitality and Sla, which is a clean, fun and friendly environment.

We are open 24/7, with front desk staff to assist you at all times during your stay with us. We have Sokun and Thierry serving delicious beverages at our bar. Keng and Sokly form the core housekeeping team that ensure Sla is spotlessly clean, and your stay is comfortable.

Our team takes pride in providing quality service in a professional and friendly manner, which we are very proud of. Please know that all service charges go directly to the staff.

We at Sla take pride in our cleanliness. Every staff from management to housekeeping takes a meticulous approach to inspecting our facilities in order to meet our high sanitation and hygiene standards.

Traveling away from home can be a scary experience; therefore it is so important that our guest receives our warmest hospitality. It is Sla’s mission to ensure that each guest’s stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

We believe that finding the perfect accommodation is an essential element in one’s travel plans, and often the best choice comes with a big price tag. With this belief in mind, Sla is ideal for travelers who are looking for a clean, friendly and affordable place to stay.

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