FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is CamboBest.com?
Cambobest.com is the preferred online Directory of Cambodia’s best businesses and services – for visitors, tourists and business travelers. You may submit your business for free and you will get notified when it will be listed, also for free. 
I already have a website, why advertise my business at CamboBest.com?
Publishing your business at Cambobest.com will help increase your ranking in search results and will offer you the opportunity to be listed among Cambodia’s best businesses. 
How do you decide whether a business is worth to be listed in Cambodia's best Directory?
When a new listing is submitted it is held for moderation for about 24 hours before being published or not. Our selection criteria is based on reputation, reliability and professional standards of a given business.


What are Listings?
A Listing is each item showcasing here at our online Directory of Cambodia’s best. 
How to display all listings at a given city in alphabetical order or sorted by date?
Just click at “View All” link at top or bottom of Latest Listings at homepage and this will open a page displaying all listings with custom layout (grid & list views) and sort options. 
How much does it cost to showcase my business here?
Publishing a standard business listing at CamboBest.com is FREE. This service is supported by third party advertising. Please check also our Pricing Plans for more details.
How long will my listing be published?
All free listings are published for 1 year recurring cycles. This means that they are automatically renewed every 365 days. As a reminder, 7 days before automatic renewal you will receive an email notification informing you about this free renewal so that you may update your listing if needed.
My business is already listed at CamboBest.com - how do I claim ownership?
Please follow instructions as described here. The procedure is quite simple and straight forward. When you reach your own listing just click on the related icon and fill in the form. We will then get in touch with you to verify ownership and then approve it. Once this is done you’ll have full control of your own free listing and you may edit all related information the way you want. Please contact us for any related questions.
May I remove third party advertising that displays in my free listing page?
We may remove third party advertising from your listing detail page for a fee. Please check out our Pricing Plans or contact us. Featured listings don’t display third party advertising in listing detail pages.

Featured Listings

What are Featured Listings?
Featured Listings are those displaying always at top of homepage and category pages, with a special flag. Featured listings do not include third party advertising in detail pages.
What is the sort order of Featured Listings?
Featured Listings always display in random order at homepage. Every time the homepage is refreshed Featured Listings will display in different order.  
How much does it cost to be listed in Featured Listings?
Please consult our Pricing Plans.

Listing Submission

How many Listings may I publish with my own account?
 There is no limit for each account. 
How many categories may I select for each Listing?
For each Listing, you may chose at least 1 and maximum 5 categories. It is recommended to always include the parent category also when you select a sub-category.
How many pictures may I publish for each Listing?
For each Listing, you may include as many as 7 pictures. It is recommended to always down-size your original pictures to small sizes as this will impact loading time of your listing when viewed by visitors. Recommended size is to set the largest size (horizontal is always better than vertical pictures) to a maximum of 1024 pixels (and minimum of 600 pixels), and to keep the picture’s file size below 150 KB (maximum accepted is 256KB). You may use free online image optimization sites for doing so, such as this onethis one or that one.
Which email address should I enter for my Listing?
You are free to use your account email address or another one, specific to the listing you are about to sumbit for publication. In either case, your email address will NOT be published and will only be used by us to contact you for questions related to your listing or by visitors to get in touch with you through the contact form that is available within each listing and which is NOT showing your address to the them.
Do I need to have a website for my listing to be submitted?
Yes, this is mandatory because our Directory only publishes basic information about business that already have an online presence where visitors may gather further information and details. If you don’t already have a website for your business, please contact us and we will help you find a cost effective solution.

Editing a Listing

How to change the position of the cursor on the map?
If you ever need to change your address of your listing on the map, please re-enter your global location in the “Location” box (ie: Phnom Penh, Cambodia) and re-adjust the marker on map according to your business precise location .


What do represent the icons on map markers?
As most listings belong to several categories, map markers represent only the first category of a given listing, in alphabetical order .
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