FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What is CamboBest.com?
I already have a website, why advertise my business at CamboBest.com?
How do you decide whether a business is worth to be listed in Cambodia's best Directory?


What are Listings?
How to display all listings at a given city in alphabetical order or sorted by date?
How much does it cost to showcase my business here?
How long will my listing be published?
My business is already listed at CamboBest.com - how do I claim ownership?
May I remove third party advertising that displays in my free listing page?

Featured Listings

What are Featured Listings?
What is the sort order of Featured Listings?
How much does it cost to be listed in Featured Listings?

Listing Submission

How many Listings may I publish with my own account?
How many categories may I select for each Listing?
How many pictures may I publish for each Listing?
Which email address should I enter for my Listing?
Do I need to have a website for my listing to be submitted?

Editing a Listing

How to change the position of the cursor on the map?


What do represent the icons on map markers?
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